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Milky Tea.

Apr. 10th, 2009 | 10:56 am
location: Dad's house
mood: cold cold

 So I was wondering guys, what do you have to start of your day? [comments please] I have a cup of milky tea and mint gum. It tastes so nice, back in the days when I used to smoke. This was the perfect combo. Milky tea and mint gum sitting outside in the cold smoking on a ciggerette. I know thats the same for my best friend Marcyyy. <3 

Anyway, plans for today. Getting picked up at like 12:45 or something and then taken to the nearest town with a bus service (Balbriggan). Then we are going to go to Swords Pavillions shopping centre and SHOP!
I am in need of serious retail therapy! Ahhh! Also reminds me..whats 'in' at the moment?! Ahh fashion is so hard! 
"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

^^ bit of Oscar Wilde stuff for youuu;;
whats happening? Any comments would be nice, since I haven't had any and i'm lonely. LONELY I TELL THEE.

Have a good day everyone :]

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Ellor there chaps.

Apr. 9th, 2009 | 10:20 pm
location: Ireland
mood: mellow mellow

 Ellor chaps and chap-ettes.
Evenin' or mornin' depends where you are hanging in your cribs. You get me? I'm so un British its kinda funny.
Anyway. Earlier, very stressed and all and angry and crying
but now? s'all good. I think my cry let it all out. 
So;; recessions biting you all hard on the bum eh? This is where I'm glad I'm still a youngun. However; from my point of view like I don't think its biting me personally very hard. I can still go out and do all the things I was doing a few months ago and despite what the media is saying it doesn't seem to be crippling my parents ;D
Anyway. Hows everyone feelin' tonight?

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Apr. 9th, 2009 | 06:42 am
location: Ireland!
music: Sheepskin Tearaway - Pete Doherty

 Mornin' all or maybe its evening? Who knows :] Either way hello :-)
This is my first blog post, as any one who has read this will probably know. Anyway I was thinking last night [you'll learn that I do this alot]. I fell asleep [quite drunk] listening to my FAV song at the moment. Anyone heard of a little guy called Pete Doherty? Most of you that do know him, will know him for his famous heroin addiction and all that jazz. However, I'd like to bring you to another side of Pete. Now if I'm honest, before I never liked him. I mean I really hate the bloke. He was this arrogant, snobby, junkie twat who made terrible music. Despite the fact I'd only heard Libertines songs, another 3 to blame for that badness anywho....
My best friend [one of 3] Marcus, who is like literally the biggest fan of Pete. He skipped school to go and hang outside the concert where he was playing that night. He did end up meeting him I'm glad to say. In the photos of them together, yes he does look really rough and he probably is back on the drugs and what not but he is an awesome lad you know? He actually took the time to sit and talk with his fans, give them cigarettes and beer. I know thats probably not a good thing but the fact he was willing to sit down and talk and share his things with people who he doesn't know. I think thats pretty nice. 
I mean not like, oh he did that so he's perfect but ya knows.

"She opened her heart
To tearaway, (sheepskin tearaway)
Was covered with scars
And full of heroin
Everyone said from the start
Not one single thing, could ever be OK
She listened any way...

Who you're fighting but nowhere 
If nowheres here with you
On my skin
And you can fight forever
But if you killed them all
You'll never win
So give me your surrender
There are other ways
To kill the pain
But things will never mend you
It's like trying to dry your eyes in the pouring rain"

So, what do you all think? Would be nice to know. Also, please be nice it's my first one!
Have a great day guys <3

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